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Death Poem C.jpg
A poem written following the death of Mary Ann Swan McBride, mother of Grace's half siblings, Frank, William, Lilly and Laura.

A letter detailing the work entailed to transform the Kolokolnikoffs' commercial school into a hospital. A brief description of the first surgeries performed, follows. McBride also describes the nurses' living quarters.

GMtoEM 1918_11_17.jpg
The first paragraph expresses Grace's contentment with the work in the American Red Cross Hospital-Tyumen operating room. She mentions that Baroness Sophie Buxhoeveden dined with her group. Grace also relays that a SBC missionary doctor had…

GMtoEM 1918_11_26.jpg
McBride writes to her sister, Elizabeth, briefly describing her month working in the operating room at the Red Cross Hospital in Tyumen, Siberia. Please note this letter is a typed copy that Elizabeth made to share with the family. The year on the…

GM Hymns in Chinese.jpg
Baptist hymns transcribed into Chinese by Grace McBride, October, 1917.

GM Postcard Lsv Bapt Settlement.jpg
A two story white building that housed the Baptist Training School Settlement House at 524 East Madison, Louisville, Kentucky. McBride spent time at the settlement house as part of her training to become a missionary.

SBC Female Missionary Death Analysis.jpg
A bar chart that analyzes the number of female missionaries who died in China by decade.

GMtoMM Letter 1910_3_20 Quote.jpg
One sentence from McBride to her mother pragmatically explaining why Bellevue's medical staff was falling ill.

GMtoMM 1909_12_23.jpg
This second page of McBride's letter, to her mother, gives an account of her hospitalization and diphtheria scare.
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