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Southern Baptist Medical Missionaries at Warren Memorial Hospital in Hwanghsien, China
This is a photo of Grace McBride standing with Chinese female students and staff members behind Dr. Thomas W. Ayers, his wife, Willie, and Mrs. Tsang, the pastor's wife. Standing in the back from left to right, a visiting female doctor from Lung…

Medical Class Picture--Warren Memorial Hospital, Hwanghsien, China
A black and white photo of Warren Memorial Hospital's medical staff and students. Seated is Dr. Cho, Dr. Chu, Dr. Ayers, Mr. Stout and Grace McBride. Also in this ca. 1916 picture is the language instructors, medical staff and both the male and…

Student Nurse Kitchen Rotation--Bellevue Training School
This black and white photo shows McBride working in Bellevue Hospital's diet kitchen during one of her nurse's training rotations. Please note an unidentified nurse is supervising.

McBride Sitting with Group of Chinese Women and Children in Rural China
This black and white photo shows McBride surrounded by a large group of Chinese women and children in an austere area of Northern China.

Southern Baptist Missionaries with Chinese Children at the Great Wall of China
This black and white photograph was taken at the Great Wall of China in October of 1917. Southern Baptist Missionaries pictured from left to right are Grace McBride, Mr. and Mrs. Poteat and Miss Smith. Picture in front of them is a group of Chinese…

McBride's Burial Gravestone, Tyumen, Siberia
In foreground of this black and white photo is the gravestone that was placed, May 4, 1921, at Grace McBride's burial site nearly three years after her death on December 23, 1918. In the background is the original wooden cross marker.

Bellevue School of Nursing Students, 1910
This black and white photograph shows McBride standing left of her first roommate, Katie Puckett. Both women were students at Bellevue School of Nursing.

Grace McBride in Nursing Uniform, 1912
This black and white photo shows McBride wearing her nurses uniform with the Bellevue school pin. A Tiffany & Co. design, incorporating a wreath of poppies surrounding a crane to represent vigilance and the role of nurses to minimize pain and to…

McBride Family Photograph, ca. 1898
This black and white photograph shows the McBride Family in front of their home located in Richland County, Ohio. Pictured from left to right: Maria May (1878-1964), Chester (1894-1974), Washington (1840-1907), Nettie "Grace" (1885-1918), Arthur…

Mary Au McBride with Daughters and Daughter In-Laws, ca. 1914
This black and white photo shows a formal yard separated by a fence from the surrounding farmlands. The women kneeling in the back from left to right are Lizzie, wife of Charles, May and Grace. On the ground from left to right is pictured Ethel,…
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