This site is dedicated to chronicling the life of Nettie "Grace" McBride, a woman who left the female sphere of sacrificial giving and found confidence in her own endeavors and accomplishments, and carved a place in the public sphere.

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Death Poem

Death Poem C.jpg

A poem written following the death of Mary Ann Swan McBride, mother of Grace's half siblings, Frank, William, Lilly and Laura.

Letter, Grace McBride to Mary Au McBride, November 7, 1918--Arrival in Tyumen


A letter detailing the work entailed to transform the Kolokolnikoffs' commercial school into a hospital. A brief description of the first surgeries…

Letter, Grace McBride to Elizabeth McBride, November 17, 1918--Good Steady Work

GMtoEM 1918_11_17.jpg

The first paragraph expresses Grace's contentment with the work in the American Red Cross Hospital-Tyumen operating room. She mentions that Baroness…